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Bronx-born artist Devin Roy has made a name for himself with his unique fusion of hip-hop, neo-soul, and R&B, garnering attention and admiration for his introspective debut single, "M.A.N." Devin has showcased a remarkable ability to weave together profound lyricism and smooth production, setting the stage for his musical journey.

His acclaimed debut album, "underneath (The Grey Sky)", showcases a seamless fusion of genres, resonating with listeners on a deeply personal level.

A cornerstone of Devin's artistry is his unwavering commitment to authenticity. His lyrics, deeply rooted in personal experience, invite listeners to share in his emotions and perspectives. Striking a balance between transparency and relatability, Devin's music reflects the highs and lows of his life's journey.


As Devin Roy continues to evolve as an artist, his dedication to crafting genuine and impactful music remains steadfast. With each new release, Devin solidifies his position as a creative force, captivating those who appreciate an artist with a truly original voice and vision.




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